Abejaruco Route


This route leads you to the well-known Hill of Abejaruco, an area located 143 metres above sea level and considered one of the most historical sites of Vejer. It is a very attractive place where you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, Roman and medieval remains and amazing views of Vejer and its surrounding area: the sea, the mountains, the now drained lake of La Janda and the villages of Santa Lucía, La Muela and Parralejos. You will also be able to see the river Barbate and a wonderful panoramic view of Vejer.



Start your itinerary in a path surrounded by canes on both sides next to the road of Libreros. Almost at ground level and covered with some bars, you will find the clay oven of Chorrillo and some metres ahead, the fountain Walk during approximately ten minutes and you will pass a stream. Then, begin an ascent which will become harder and harder as you climb up. While walking, you will enjoy a beautiful landscape with a great variety of plants, at the same time that you will hear the sound of the water and the singing of the birds. Continue your way up and you will arrive to a stone road which was probably built in the Middle Ages. Go on walking until you get to a crossing and take the first path on your left, which will lead you to the highest point of this route. There you will be delighted by wonderful views such as the sea, the mountains, wide cultivation fields, the villages of Santa Lucía, La Muela and Parralejos, the river Barbate and a great panoramic view of Vejer.

Walk about 300 metres and begin a descent which will lead you to the Industrial Estate of Cañada Ancha. The descent becomes more and more intense as you go down. Take a new ascent on your left. As you go up, you will see a wood - fired oven and a big house next to a crossing. Take the first way on your left and go straight on, you will pass the stream and you will arrive to the road of Libreros, starting and finishing point of this route.



The most common birds of this area are the swallows (Hirundo rustica), black kites (Milvus migrans), goldfinches (Carduelis carduelis), storks (Ciconia ciconia) and bee-eaters (Merops apiaster).



During this itinerary you will mainly see bushes, mastic trees (Pistacia lentiscus), wild olive trees (Olea europaea var. sylvestris), numerous almond trees and a great variety of fruit trees, particularly louquats and orange trees.









Places of interest


1. Clay oven of Chorrillo

It is located on the hill of Chorrillo near the village of Libreros and is one of the best preserved Roman ovens in Western Andalusia. The oven is built mainly of brick with stone reinforcements, but it also has sun-dried bricks on the combustion chamber floor. It has a circular base with a diameter of 3.7 metres and consists of two chambers: the lower, called praefurnium; and the upper, called laboratorium.The praefurnium is a vaulted chamber which was destined to light the fire. It has got a central pillar which supported the grill and the laboratorium, place where the clay objects were fired. It has been estimated that this oven was in use since the first century A.D. and that its main productions were Roman bricks and tiles.

2. Fountain – spring

On the hill of Abejaruco you will see a fountain and a spring next to the Roman oven. The water flows through a small irrigation channel into a water tank, where it accumulates. Then, the farmers use this water to irrigate their vegetable gardens.

3. Old Lake of La Janda

The lake of La Janda was a large lake located between two areas: the north part of Tarifa's municipal and La Janda. It's an authentic paradise for migratory birds. In the1960s, the local authorities decided to drain it in order to use the area for agricultural purposes.

4. The river

The river Barbate can be observed from the Hill of Abejaruco.

5. Old fire-wood oven

This oven is built of stone and mud/clay. It was used to make bread and other tasks.

6. Farmland of Vejer

During this route you will see wide cultivation fields with different kinds of crops.


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