Popular Festivals


‘Toro Embolao’

This festival is celebrated since 1976 on every Easter Sunday. It consists of the running of two bulls through some streets of the town, where protection fences are installed. This celebration starts on the previous Saturday night with a popular open-air dance, known as ‘verbena’.

Candela de San Juan (23 June)

The San Juan bonfires are a party that is celebrated the eve before the Feast Day of St. John the Baptist, and coincides with the summer solstice. This celebration is especially rooted, so it is very typical from Vejer. Several dolls are made by clubs, peñas, and associations, and then are burnt in the bonfires. This celebration ends in Plaza de España, with three ‘toros de fuego’ (fire bulls), and ambient music.

Carnival (February-Mars)

This is one of the most popular and attractive parties, and it has recovered its former splendour and gained more prestige. There are carnival associations, dance, and costume contests, and the humour parade is the perfect finale to this festival.

Celebration of the Spring

Nowadays, this celebration is related to the tradition of the fair of ‘Ganado Vacuno Selecto and Caballar’ (the Exclusive Beef Cattle and Horses Fair), which has been broadly supported by the government of Cádiz, thus becoming the first Andalusia livestock fair. We should also highlight celebration of sports events, regional dance contests, bullfighting, horseback rides…

Holy Week

Through the years, the Holy Week has been kept simple, but touching. The processions are on Monday, Thursday and Good Friday, and take place in a very special environment due to the narrow, steep streets of the town.

Romería of 7 May

It is celebrated to commemorate the protection of the Virgen de la Oliva, proclaimed as the  Patroness of Vejer on 7 May 1885. Every 7 May, the people of Vejer go to the hermitage to live a country day.

Velada en honor de la Patrona de Vejer la Virgen de la Oliva (10-24 August)

The custom of the ‘romería’ of the Virgen de la Oliva from the hermitage to the town started in the first half of the past century. During 14 days, there are many religious, cultural, and social events, although the most important celebration is the procession of the Patroness on 15 August. We must also highlight the ‘Noche Flamenca’ (Flamenco Night), celebrated in the incomparable setting of Segur, and declared a celebration of National Tourist Interest of Andalusia.


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