Sun and Beach Tourism

Vejer Costa-El Palmar.

Located only 9 km from the town centre, Vejer has a magnificent beach known as ‘El Palmar’. It is located in the Costa de la Luz, through a long, open strip to the Atlantic Ocean, which enters into the ocean by the Trafalgar and Roche capes. Its fine sand and transparent water, surrounded by a natural environment, have entailed that this beach is one of the very few virgin beaches in the area.

This beach offer the tourists an almost new setting, which is ideal to practice sailing and nautical sports, including surfing, windsurfing, water-skiing, fishing, etc. during the whole year.

We should highlight that this beach has sanitary and health services, according to its level, during the summer season. These include registered nurses, nursing assistants, lifeguards, ambulances, medical aid stations, showers, and toilets. Moreover, it also has services and facilities such as loudspeaker systems, and a tourist information desk, as well as numerous tourist establishments, hostels, camping, restaurants, and shops, which are prepared and qualified to meet the requirements of all the visitors who come to our coasts. As a consequence, El Palmar has been awarded with the distinction of Q Mark for Tourist Quality.

In this beach we have a tower, known as Torrenueva, which served to guard the coast. This type of towers was widely used during the 17th and 18th centuries, and they were installed through the whole coast of Cadiz to protect the local population against the potential invasion of pirates and bandits. This tower communicated with other towers by smoke signals during the day, and fire signals at night.

Some streams of the elevated reliefs flow into this area. Moreover, the typical fauna of this coastal environment include birds of the Laridae and Limicola species, such as oystercatchers, sanderlings, etc.



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