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Located in the municipal district of Vejer de la Frontera, El Palmar is one of the few virgin beaches still existing in Costa de la Luz. Its incredible beauty, its fine gold sand, the crystal-clear waters and the fantastic sunsets have made of Vejer the perfect place to relax and be in contact with nature.

El Palmar beach offers more than 8 Km of coastline and is enjoyable during all the seasons. There is a wide range of tourism activities to do. Among many others, you will find the practice of water sports - as can be surfing - and the possibility to taste the great gastronomy of the area, highlighting the Retinto meats or the Almadraba tuna and products of the Vejer gardens. The huge variety of restaurants and beach-bars allow you to discover the culinary culture and to enjoy magnificent sunsets in one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

The beach offers an accessible promenade which brought up the idea to create a linear and completely flat route of 1,5 Km parallel to the coast. The route starts at the adapted stand for people with disabilities, situated in front of the restaurant Casa Juan. In this point, you find a zone of reserved parking with 6 parking spaces. There are also two showers, restrooms, transfer stretchers, lockers and two special beach seats. The Beach Services Charter is also available there. The access to the beach from this stand is with the aid of a ramp and a steep climb. Each end of the route (restaurant Casa Juan – restaurant La Torre) is afforded with lifeguard service and healthcare staff (they are available on the summer time).

Since the beginning of the route, you observe a huge variety of tourist accommodations: shops, surf schools, restaurants, burgers, bars, chill-outs… all under a cosmopolitan atmosphere. It is also great to experience the excitement and to enjoy live music in many different bars (see website www.turismovejer.es). To enter in this friendly environment, you can find pedestrian crossings and zero level passing along the promenade. But, on this side of the road, there are no appropriate sidewalks. Although a wheelchair-person is able to circulate, s/he could have some difficulties and may need some help from somebody else. At the centre of this route, there are 3 more spaces reserved for disable persons.

Now returning to the coast walk, you find lot of walkways to enter the beach (some more slight than others).

Finally, there are some tourist and historic interesting sites to visit:

// Torrenueva or New Tower (known also as Torre de la Atalaya): is a defensive tower built by the King Felipe II during the 17th-18th century.  It has a cylindrical form and just one inner door where you will find a single vaultedhall. Its principal function was to watch the coast and provide shelter against the frequent attacks by corsairs and invaders. Building closed to the public but accessible to be seen from the outside.

// The Bunker of El Palmar: is located next to Torrenueva. It is a small bunker that was supplied with heavy weapons to fight in the northwest and southeast of El Palmar. It belongs to the set of bunkers built during the 1940s. Building also closed to the public and not accessible to be seen from the outside. It only allows a view from the restaurant La Torre.



This familiar company is a must-see in Vejer de la Frontera. Here you will meet the secrets of the craft and ecological production of wine and oil. This winery bets on agri-food transformation of two millenary crops: the olive tree and the vine. They played an important role in the economy of our town from the XVII to the XIX centuries.

Adress: Nucleus rural El Palmar, road Conil-El Palmar, CA 2233 (Path near to the bridge of Conilete stream).

More information: www.sanchaperez.com


Nomadic” Market : opened only during the summer season. It is a group of different stores located all under the same structure. It is very similar to a market stall. Adapted restrooms are available.

The main entrance has a ramp with a steep climb ending in a step, so it is not recommended for electric wheelchairs. Nevertheless, there is a back entrance. This access goes through a sand path but there will be some adjustments for the next season. Opening times: 1st June – 15th September.

Baraka” Market: situated next to Casa Juan Restaurant, is very similar to the one described above but with different craft and cloths shops. The entrance is perfectly accessible, having also an adapted portable toilet. Opening times: 10th June – 20th September from 12.00 pm to 12.00 am.


1 // Regarding water sports, you will find many establishments along all the promenade. They have not just their facilities adapted but have also worked before with disabled persons. Here the companies:

//Kotadalu: www.kotadalu.placestars.com (Persons with restricted mobility)

// El Palmar Surf Academy: www.elparmarsurfacadmy.es(People with autism spectrum disorder)

// Escuela de surf: www.elparmarsurf.com(Persons with restricted mobility)

2 // Alongside the beach, you will find parkings with places reserved for disabled people:

// Parking Costa El Palmar or Parking El Costa Asimismo (Inside the route)

// Parking El Palmar Centro or Parking “Aqui me quedo” (Outside the route)


Restaurant “Casa Juan”: the local is accessible to all the rooms, just for the bathroom you must request an access ramp.

More information: www.barrestaurantecasajuan.com

Restaurant “Alférez”: totally adapted, there is just a step of 5cm in the back room.

More information: www.hostalfranciscoalferez.com

Restaurant “La Torre”: the main entrance has two steps, but it is accessible through the back terrace; to find it, you must go around the establishment. Once there, the local is accessible in all its rooms.

More information: www.latorredelpalmar.com

Restaurant “Casa Reyes”: it is located outside the adapted route, at the end of the road of the beach promenade direction Conil. Few metres away, between this restaurant and the Restaurant “El Pájara Verde” you will find 4 parking spaces for people with restricted mobility.

More information: www.hostalreyes.com

*In all the establishments you will enjoy an excellent gastronomy and great views to the see.

Distance: 1.5 Km   Time: 20 min 

Accessibility: 100% 

Departure: in front of Casa Juan Restaurant   

End: Torre Nueva (New Tower)













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