‘Hazas de suerte’

Due to the border situation of Vejer, the inhabitants of the town were under continuous danger because of the threats of enemy troops. For this reason, the inhabitants of the town were given a series of privileges, a concession from the Crown, including the use and benefit of the town lands, waters, hills, wells, etc.

In 1307, Ferdinand IV of Castile granted Alfonso Pérez de Guzmán the town of Vejer, including the jurisdiction of the town and the right to respect the privileges of the neighbours.

The Guzmán family respected this agreement for generations, until in the 15th century Juan Alfonso de Guzmán considered himself as the owner of the whole territory, and he did not respect the communal properties. As a consequence, the population of Vejer, led by Juan Relinque, started a conflict against the Dukes of the Guzmán family. After several years of lawsuits, the conflict was solved when it was ruled in favour of the inhabitants of Vejer.

Nowadays, this right to use these communal lands continues, and there is a raffle every four years to establish who has the right of their use and benefit.

Typical clothes: ‘Cobijado’

The ‘Cobijado’ is the traditional dress of the Vejer woman, and has a Castilian origin even though is also linked to the Arab culture. This traditional dress was forbidden in several occasions through history, even though this was not carried out until 1936, because its characteristics may help to hide crimes.

The dress of the ‘Cobijá’ is composed of the following parts: white petticoat with embroidery bands, a white blouse with laces, and a black skirt (‘saya’) faster around the waist, and from which we can see the edge of the white petticoat. A black gathered cape, with a silk lining, covers completely the woman, except for an eye.

The use of this traditional dress was recovered in 1976. Currently, it is used in the Patron Virgin celebrations (10-24 August.)


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