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Surroundings, Orography, and Climate

Vejer de la Frontera is located in the south-west of the province of Cádiz. It has a total area of 236 square kilometres, and it extends to the west to its adjoining region of La Janda. Vejer borders with the Atlantic Ocean, and with several towns, namely Conil, Chiclana, Medina Sidonia, Tarifa, and Barbate. The town was built on a hill, cut by the Barbate river, and descends to the river through steep slopes. Thanks to this excellent location, the population of Vejer enjoys wonderful views.

The municipality of Vejer is very broad, and it includes several rural towns, namely La Oliva, Poblado de Varelo-El Cañal, Libreros-Jandilla, Nájara, Cantarranas, Las Lomas, Naveros-Cañadas del Taraje, La Muela-Patría-Los Parralejos, Santa Lucía, El Palmar, La Barca-Langostura-El Soto, Paternilla-San Ambrosio, and Cañada Ancha. Vejer has a population of 12.881 residents.

Vejer presents a varied orography, in which we can distinguish two different areas. The first area corresponds to the coast, with a flat orography in general and non-relevant land reliefs. The second area, however, presents steep hills – the town centre of Vejer is a clear proof of this sharp orography, due to the fact that it is located 190 m above sea level. Indeed, several streams that flow into the Barbate and Salado rivers are born in the limestone rocks. This orography enables the visitor to enjoy wonderful views, thanks to the spectacular contrast between beaches, marshes, fields, woods, and mountains. The coastal strip has 7 km of beach.

Vejer has a Mediterranean-maritime climate with precipitations ranging from 600 to 1100 mm. Vejer has two distinct seasons – a mild, wet season from November to April, and a warm season from May to October. The annual average temperature is mild, and ranges from 17 ºC to 19 ºC. Extreme temperatures are unusual.

The main wind is an easterly wind, the Levanter. Moreover, other remarkable winds are Ponente and gale.



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